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Exam Number : TA-002-P
Exam Name : HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate 2023
Vendor Name : HashiCorp
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TA-002-P test Format | TA-002-P Course Contents | TA-002-P Course Outline | TA-002-P test Syllabus | TA-002-P test Objectives

Title: HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (TA-002-P)

Test Detail:
The HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (TA-002-P) test is designed to validate the knowledge and skills required to effectively use Terraform to automate infrastructure provisioning and management. This certification is intended for professionals who work with Terraform and are responsible for designing and implementing infrastructure as code solutions.

Course Outline:
The HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of Terraform and its capabilities. The following is a general outline of the key areas covered in the certification program:

1. Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Terraform:
- Understanding the principles and benefits of IaC
- Introduction to Terraform and its use cases
- Terraform installation and basic configuration

2. Terraform Configuration Language (HCL):
- Learning the syntax and structure of HCL
- Declaring and managing resources using HCL
- Using variables, modules, and data sources in Terraform configurations

3. Terraform Workflow and Commands:
- Understanding the Terraform workflow and state management
- Initializing and planning Terraform configurations
- Applying and destroying infrastructure using Terraform

4. Terraform Providers and Modules:
- Exploring Terraform providers and their configuration
- Leveraging community and custom modules in Terraform
- Working with remote and local modules

5. Terraform Best Practices and Security:
- Implementing best practices for Terraform code organization and version control
- Applying security practices for protecting sensitive information
- Managing Terraform workspaces and environments

Exam Objectives:
The HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (TA-002-P) test assesses candidates' knowledge and skills in using Terraform for infrastructure provisioning and management. The test objectives include, but are not limited to:

1. Understanding the Terraform workflow and core concepts.
2. Writing and managing Terraform configurations using HCL.
3. Using Terraform commands for initialization, planning, and applying changes.
4. Configuring and using Terraform providers and modules.
5. Applying best practices and security measures when working with Terraform.

The HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (TA-002-P) certification program typically includes comprehensive training provided by HashiCorp or authorized training partners. The syllabus provides a breakdown of the syllabus covered throughout the course, including specific learning objectives and milestones. The syllabus may include the following components:

- Introduction to the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (TA-002-P) test overview and certification process
- Introduction to Infrastructure as Code and Terraform
- Terraform Configuration Language (HCL)
- Terraform Workflow and Commands
- Terraform Providers and Modules
- Terraform Best Practices and Security
- test Preparation and Practice Tests
- Final HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (TA-002-P) Certification Exam

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IBM Watson: A Cheat Sheet

IBM Watson is designed to make businesses more intelligent, so every member can perform at their best. It first garnered worldwide attention in 2011 as the computerized “brain” that won one million dollars on the TV game show Jeopardy! by beating human contestants. Since then, IBM has widely deployed Watson in many industry verticals and areas of application, and it has become the gold standard for purposeful analytics processing.

IBM Watson is an excellent data analysis platform integrated with advanced application programming interfaces, software-as-a-service application and specialized tooling. It leverages these tools for complex data analysis use cases and can be integrated with different platforms for optimizing daily tasks and enabling businesses to make the right decisions.

Jump to:

What is IBM Watson?

IBM Watson is a data analytics processor, named after IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson, that leverages natural language processing. This technology offers speech analysis to understand the syntax, context and meaning while translating it into actionable and practical answers.

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Watson was originally developed in IBM’s DeepQA research project. The primary goal was to develop a natural language-responsive system that could interpret questions asked in a human language, analyze vast amounts of data and return answers that it would take human researchers days, weeks or even months to derive.

Key features of IBM Watson Cloud environment

IBM Watson’s cloud availability means companies can start small and pay for what they use. In addition, this means businesses won’t have to invest in in-house computing devices or hardware, which can be expensive.

API integration

IBM Watson is integrated with various APIs, allowing developers to combine different features of Watson into the business apps.

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In addition, Watson APIs make incorporating conversation, language and advanced text analytics into applications easy. For example, Watson’s Natural Language Understanding can analyze text and return a five-level taxonomy of the content, concepts, emotion, sentiment, entities and relations.

Watson Orchestrate

Orchestrate provides automation for employees by streamlining processes and repetitive tasks accessed through open APIs and robotics process automation integrations. With Orchestrate, employees free up time to pursue more things on their “want-to-do” list, making them more effective.

Watson Assistant

Assistant builds better virtual agents to quickly get accurate answers across applications and devices from customer service to internal IT help desk and human resources teams. It delivers consistent and intelligent customer care across all channels and touchpoints with conversational AI.

Watson Code Assistant

Code Assistant enables developers with various levels of expertise to write code with AI-generated recommendations, making it easier for anyone to write code. Code Assistant brings the power of IT automation to the entire organization as a strategic, accessible asset for more users — not just the subject-matter experts.

How does IBM Watson work?

IBM Watson is deployed across a cluster of IBM Power servers, each running an instance of the software, and these servers communicate and work together to process large amounts of data and carry out complex tasks.

As a result, Watson can leverage parallel processing, meaning it can perform many tasks simultaneously by distributing them across multiple servers. Its parallel processing capability makes Watson extremely scalable, as additional servers can be added to the cluster to increase its processing power.

Use cases of IBM Watson

IBM Watson was initially developed to take months of research and provide answers within a few seconds or minutes. As a showcase of its processing power, in 2011, Watson won against human contestants on the game show Jeopardy!

Two years later, IBM announced the first commercial application of Watson with cancer research. Since then, IBM Watson has since become a common choice for various industries, including healthcare, engineering, education and entertainment.


Watson’s ability to process and understand large amounts of complex data makes it extremely valuable in healthcare. Watson can analyze medical literature, clinical guidelines and patient records to assist doctors in diagnosing diseases and suggesting treatments.

For example, the Watson for Oncology application can analyze a patient’s medical information and provide a list of potential treatment options based on current medical guidelines and data from similar patients.


Watson has been used in the financial industry to enhance customer service, risk management and financial forecasting. Watson’s natural language processing capabilities in customer service can build sophisticated chatbots that handle customer inquiries.

In addition, Watson can analyze various data sources for risk management to detect potential signs of fraud or other financial risks. Watson’s machine learning algorithms can also create more accurate financial forecasts by analyzing market trends and other relevant data.


Watson’s machine learning and natural language processing abilities create personalized shopping experiences in retail. For instance, Watson can analyze a customer’s shopping history and preferences to recommend products they might be interested in. Watson can also optimize inventory management by analyzing sales data and predicting future demand trends.

Who should use IBM Watson?

IBM Watson is one of the best choices for data scientists who want to develop unique algorithms and queries, as it can derive answers based on a variety of industry knowledge bases. As such, IBM Watson can be applied to different public sector organizations, companies and institutes.

IBM Watson APIs allows developers to incorporate advanced AI functionalities into their applications without developing and maintaining complex AI models. This can significantly accelerate development timelines and empower developers to build more intelligent and innovative solutions.

IBM Watson vs. other analytics applications

IBM Watson stands out from other analytics applications because it focuses on artificial intelligence and cognitive computing capabilities. While traditional analytics applications provide valuable insights based on historical data and statistical methods, Watson goes beyond that by incorporating AI, machine learning, natural language processing and other advanced technologies:

  • AI-powered insights: IBM Watson’s AI offers the ability to analyze unstructured data like text, images and audio to provide deeper insights from diverse data sources, unlocking valuable information that would otherwise remain untapped.
  • Natural language understanding: NLU capabilities enable users to interact with systems using natural language queries, making IBM Watson more user-friendly and accessible to a broader range of users and allowing nontechnical stakeholders to gain insights and make data-driven decisions easily.
  • Machine learning integration: IBM Watson seamlessly integrates with ML algorithms, allowing users to build predictive models and perform advanced analytics tasks as well as streamlining the process of developing and deploying AI-driven solutions.
  • Domain-specific solutions: IBM Watson’s domain-specific applications come with pretrained models, making it quicker for businesses to adopt AI in their specific fields.
  • Natural language generation: IBM Watson’s NLG capabilities enable it to generate human-like written responses or summaries, which can be beneficial for creating reports, communicating insights and automating content generation.
  • Other analytics applications may excel in providing traditional business intelligence and data analysis capabilities, but IBM Watson’s AI and cognitive computing capabilities set it apart. All in all, IBM Watson allows organizations to derive deeper insights, automate processes and drive innovation in various industries and use cases.

    IBM Watson’s competitors MATLAB

    MATLAB is a high-level programming language and interactive environment primarily used for numerical computing, data analysis, visualization and algorithm development. It allows users to perform complex mathematical operations and create applications for various scientific and engineering applications.


    RapidMiner is a powerful and user-friendly data science platform that enables organizations to efficiently build, deploy and operationalize predictive models and advanced analytics. It offers a visual workflow interface that simplifies the entire data mining and machine learning process, making it accessible to data scientists and business users.

    Vertex AI

    Vertex AI is a machine learning platform offered by Google Cloud that simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment of AI models. It provides a unified interface for data preparation, training, evaluation and deployment. This makes it easier for developers and data scientists to build scalable and production-ready machine-learning solutions.


    Alteryx is a self-service data analytics platform that empowers users to prepare, blend and analyze data from various sources without the need for complex coding. Alteryx also offers a visual workflow interface that enables data blending, advanced analytics and data science tasks. This makes it accessible to both data analysts and business users for faster and more insightful decision-making.

    SEE: Explore how IBM Watson compares to other competitors like Microsoft Azure and AWS IIoT Core.

    How can I get IBM Watson?

    Companies that can afford an investment into multiple millions of dollars can purchase an in-house IBM Watson system, which consists of several servers tethered together into a processing cluster. For companies without these resources, Watson can be accessed for free through the IBM cloud. For example, IBM offers a software developer’s cloud powered by Watson. It also provides a cloud-based global healthcare analytics cloud.

    Fantasy Football cheat sheets: PPR, non-PPR, depth charts

    Aug 18, 2023, 07:48 PM ET

    If you're seeking a one-stop shop for updated 2023 fantasy football rankings, depth charts and cheat sheets throughout the summer, you've come to the right place. Below, you will find them for PPR (point per reception) and non-PPR formats, as well as dynasty leagues.

    Pigskin Win Totals

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    PPR positional cheat sheet

    One sheet with players broken down by position, including overall rank, salary-cap value and bye weeks for leagues that award one point for each catch. They recommend this sheet for those using half-PPR, as the rankings are extremely similar. obtain »

    PPR top-300 cheat sheet

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    The offseason is heating up and it's the perfect time to kick off your fantasy season. Create a league and customize league size, scoring and rules to play in the league you want to play in.

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    Non-PPR positional cheat sheet

    For leagues using the scoring format that doesn't award an extra point for each reception. One sheet with players broken down by position, including overall rank, salary-cap value and bye weeks. obtain »

    Non-PPR top-300 cheat sheet

    This sheet features 300 players in order of overall draft value, with positional rank, salary-cap value and bye-week information. obtain »

    Mike Clay's team-by-team projection guide

    If you want the full breakdown for all 32 teams, you've come to the right place. obtain »

    Go deeper on every player

    Mike Clay's projections and outlooks for hundreds of players for the 2023 fantasy football season.

    2023 projections & outlooks

    NFL team depth chart cheat sheet

    Fantasy depth charts for each NFL team: top two quarterbacks, three running backs, four wide receivers, two tight ends and a kicker. Prioritized by fantasy value in PPR leagues rather than role-defined on a traditional NFL depth chart, this includes players' overall ranks. obtain »

    Dynasty cheat sheet

    Features the top 240 players and 60 best rookies to make all of your keeper and dynasty league decisions. Includes the players' draft years/rounds and ages at the start of the 2022 season. obtain »

    * All cheat sheets are in PDF format. Your device must be equipped with a PDF reader for you to access and print the cheat sheet.

    College Fantasy Football Rankings 2023: Top 200 cheat sheet

    Prepare to revolutionize your college fantasy football draft strategy like never before! CFBDynasty is back in action, bringing you the ultimate tool to dominate your league. Behold their top 200 rankings -- or the ultimate college fantasy football cheat sheet -- presented in partnership with The Sporting News.

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    Hold onto your seats because we're about to unveil a game-changing secret weapon! CFBDynasty is gearing up to introduce a revolutionary set of college football DFS tools designed to supercharge your DraftKings and FanDuel lineup decisions. With data-driven precision at your fingertips, you'll construct winning lineups that leave the competition in the dust.

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