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Exam Number : MO-100
Exam Name : Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019)
Vendor Name : Microsoft
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MO-100 exam Format | MO-100 Course Contents | MO-100 Course Outline | MO-100 exam Syllabus | MO-100 exam Objectives

Exam Specification:

- exam Name: MO-100 Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019)
- exam Code: MO-100
- exam Duration: 90 minutes
- exam Format: Multiple-choice and performance-based questions
- Passing Score: 700 out of 1000

Course Outline:

1. Creating and Formatting Content
- Creating and managing documents
- Formatting text, paragraphs, and sections
- Managing styles and templates

2. Managing Documents
- Inserting and formatting graphical elements
- Managing page layout and design
- Reviewing and sharing documents

3. Customizing Word Environment
- Customizing options and settings
- Configuring document security and privacy
- Automating tasks with macros

4. Working with Tables and References
- Creating and formatting tables
- Inserting and managing references and citations
- Using bookmarks, hyperlinks, and cross-references

5. Managing Document Collaboration
- Collaborating on documents using comments and track changes
- Managing document versions and co-authoring
- Protecting and sharing documents

Exam Objectives:

1. Create and format content in Word documents.
2. Manage documents by inserting graphical elements, managing page layout, and reviewing documents.
3. Customize the Word environment by configuring options, settings, and automating tasks.
4. Work with tables and references, including creating and formatting tables and managing references.
5. Manage document collaboration by using comments, track changes, and protecting and sharing documents.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus covers the following syllabus (but is not limited to):

- Creating and formatting content
- Managing documents
- Customizing Word environment
- Working with tables and references
- Managing document collaboration

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Microsoft Stock Is Set To Skyrocket Into The AI Future

MADRID, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 25: The robotic skull of a T-800 cyborg used in the movie Terminator 2 is ... [+] displayed on the exhibition 'Fantastic SyFy Objects' at the Royal Tapestry Factory on February 25, 2011 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Eduardo Parra/Getty Images)

Getty Images The Rise of The Machines

In 1984, James Cameron's The Terminator debuted on their screens. The movie is a hybrid of action, science fiction, and thriller, touching on subjects such as time travel, artificial intelligence, and the effects of human actions on future events. The robots in the Terminator movies, particularly Skynet, the artificial intelligence system, show the ability to learn and adapt. Skynet is presented as a sophisticated and self-aware AI system that continually gains knowledge and begins to learn and evolve over time. Skynet uses this power to become a formidable foe for human resistance.

Watching the movie as a young boy was incredible, amazing, and exciting. I was just glad of the fact that everything I watched was certainly NEVER going to happen. Fast forward nearly 40 years, and this past weekend I gave my interns the task of watching the movie so they could understand how fast the world has caught up.

Over the last few decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown dramatically. AI has evolved from a theoretical concept to a transformational force in a variety of industries. It has advanced to unprecedented heights in its capabilities thanks to advances in processing power, data availability, and algorithm development. Machine learning, a subset of AI, has achieved substantial advances in tasks such as image identification, natural language processing, and gaming. The incorporation of AI into daily life, from virtual assistants to recommendation systems, is becoming more ubiquitous. Furthermore, artificial intelligence has found applications in industries such as healthcare, banking, and autonomous cars, altering how they approach problem-solving and decision-making.

Depending on a person's experiences, expertise, and beliefs, their view of the world of AI might differ greatly. Generally, when I mention artificial intelligence to my non-investor friends, a lot of them find the Topic exciting. They find the thought of machines that can mimic human intelligence and carry out difficult tasks fascinating. Sadly, the next emotions are fear and concern. Some are afraid of AI and are concerned about its possible impact on jobs, privacy, and security. There are concerns that AI will replace human occupations, become unmanageable, or be exploited for malicious purposes. Wait, wasn’t this what the Terminator predicted?

Hopefully, the world will never get to the Terminator scenario. The rapid rise of the machines, which was the Terminator 3 movie tagline, has led to several ethical questions about AI, including the concerns previously mentioned. The leading companies in the field are ultimately responsible. As are all governments.

AI is rapidly revolutionizing their world, powering everything from self-driving cars to deep-learning virtual assistants. Its applications range from task automation to enhanced efficiency across various industries like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Increased adoption in numerous sectors will likely drive significant growth in the global AI market in the coming years. Among the top players in the AI market, Google GOOG leads in Natural Language Processing with products like Google Assistant and Google Translate; Amazon AMZN excels in Computer Vision with offerings such as Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Go, and Microsoft MSFT takes the lead in Machine Learning with AI-powered products like Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft is currently leading the AI arms race and is strategically focusing on monetizing AI as a crucial step forward. While additional monetization efforts may take time as beta programs are introduced, the enterprise market holds tremendous potential for the company. With a growing demand for AI solutions among businesses, Microsoft has a golden opportunity to capitalize on this trend. However, it faces stiff competition from tech giants like Google, Amazon, Oracle ORCL , IBM IBM , Salesforce CRM , and others, who are also aggressively expanding their AI capabilities through organic growth and acquisitions. In this intensely competitive landscape, Microsoft's strategic positioning and unwavering commitment to AI will be vital in securing a substantial share of the market and tapping into the lucrative enterprise sector.

Microsoft's investment in OpenAI is a crucial component of its comprehensive AI strategy. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI in reshaping their lives and work, Microsoft is committed to investing in AI R&D. In January 2023, the company confirmed investing $10 billion in OpenAI, a pioneering firm responsible for creating ChatGPT and other groundbreaking AI technologies. This significant investment demonstrates Microsoft's dedication to fostering AI advancements and leveraging cutting-edge innovations to shape a more intelligent and interconnected future.

ChatGPT displayed on smart phone with OpenAI logo seen on screen in the background, seen in this ... [+] photo illustration, on 11 August 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. (Photo Illustration by Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

NurPhoto via Getty Images

The generative AI market is experiencing rapid growth, outpacing the usual expansion of IT companies. Microsoft's advantage in creating an AI supercomputer and introducing ChatGPT positions it to capture a significant share of this growing market. According to CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft aims to integrate AI capabilities into all its products, leading to a complete transformation of its entire business portfolio.

Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, unveiled a bold vision in June 2023, aiming to double the organization's revenue by the year 2030, reaching an impressive $500 billion. This ambitious target reflects Microsoft's commitment to continuous innovation and growth. Nadella's Federal Court hearing during the acquisition of Activision ATVI Blizzard, Inc. shed light on the company's strategic objectives. He outlined a growth-oriented approach, focusing on achieving at least 10% annual revenue growth aligned with the company's enduring mission and culture. The memo highlighted two key growth drivers: (i) Microsoft Plus, catering to consumer-focused products, and (ii) Microsoft Cloud, primarily targeting commercial clients. The suite of products under Microsoft Cloud, including Azure, Microsoft 365, and LinkedIn, emerged as the primary force behind the company's growth. With a strong emphasis on maintaining growth rates above market averages, Microsoft aims to extend its lead over competitors like GCP and narrow the gap with AWS.

The company's performance, coupled with its dedication to innovation and strategic expansion, positions it to achieve its ambitious revenue target of $500 billion by 2030. This long-term growth potential makes Microsoft an attractive investment opportunity with significant growth prospects.

During the accurate 4Q23 conference call, Nadella highlighted that Microsoft Cloud achieved a milestone by surpassing $110 billion in annual revenue. Azure's performance was particularly remarkable, contributing more than 50% of the total revenue for the first time. This is a testament to the success of Azure, which is Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Nadella says that every customer he speaks with is asking how they can apply next-generation AI to address the biggest opportunities and challenges they face. This shows that there is a growing demand for AI solutions, and Microsoft is well-positioned to meet this demand.

Microsoft's stock peaked at $360 on July 18th but has since dropped to $320. This decline is primarily attributed to mixed quarterly earnings and investors’ sentiment. While Microsoft surpassed expectations for both revenue and earnings, there were a few factors at play. During the earnings call, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, affirmed the company's position as a leader in AI cloud workloads. However, investors were less enthusiastic about the revenue projection. Amy Hood, CFO, during the call that AI's impact on revenue would begin in the second half of fiscal year 2024 rather than the first half. This aspect might have been perceived negatively by the market. Nevertheless, in the long term, the potential of AI to drive Microsoft's major revenue streams, such as Azure Cloud and the Office productivity suites, is higher. This has the potential to positively influence revenue and overall performance. The dip is an opportunity to accumulate the shares.

Microsoft Performance

Edge Consulting Group Intelligent Data Platform: Microsoft's Pathway to Enhanced Value Creation

Also during the 4Q24 call, the company's management highlighted the growing prominence of Azure AI, driven by customers' continuous migration of existing workloads to new AI-driven initiatives. Microsoft is witnessing ongoing cloud migrations, with significant potential for long-term cloud opportunities. Azure Arc is gaining momentum, boasting an impressive 150% year-over-year increase in customers, now reaching 18,000, including prominent names like Carnival Corp., Domino's, and Thermo Fisher. Additionally, Azure AI is driving the adoption of new-born-in-the-cloud AI-first workloads, boasting an extensive array of frontier and open models, recently bolstered by Meta's announcements supporting Llama on Azure and Windows, along with collaboration with OpenAI.

Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service has accomplished several impressive feats:

  • Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service exhibits strong momentum with over 11,000 organizations, including renowned names like IKEA, Volvo Group, and Zurich Insurance, adopting the service.
  • Nearly 100 new customers are added daily during the quarter, showcasing its widespread appeal and rapid adoption rate.
  • Prominent partnerships, such as Mercedes-Benz utilizing ChatGPT via Azure OpenAI in 900,000 vehicles, highlight its potential to enhance user experiences.
  • Moody's MCO leveraging Azure OpenAI to Excellerate productivity for its 14,000 employees further solidifies its transformative capabilities.
  • Collaborations with industry leaders like Snowflake SNOW and KPMG ensure broader AI scalability, driving increased Azure spend and multibillion-dollar commitments to cloud and AI services.
  • Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform, integrating operational databases, analytics, and governance, plays a crucial role in AI app development.
  • The introduction of Microsoft Fabric demonstrates early interest, with over 8,000 customers actively using it and 50% employing four or more workloads.
  • Microsoft's analytics solutions continue to gain traction with influential customers such as Bridgestone, Chevron CVX , and Equinor, reinforcing their data management value.
  • Office Could Provide a Stable Source of Growth

    Amidst challenging market conditions, Microsoft's M365, an all-inclusive suite of productivity software encompassing Office to Outlook, has demonstrated remarkable resilience as a reliable growth driver. Unlike other segments, such as Windows OEM licenses and devices, which face contraction due to weak PC sales, M365 shines as a consistent revenue generator. While Microsoft's cloud infrastructure product, Azure, may experience a slowdown due to reduced corporate computing resource usage, M365's sales could experience low-double-digit growth in the year. This growth trajectory will be fueled by various factors, bolstered by accurate price increases, notably for its cutting-edge Copilot generative AI. With M365 playing a pivotal role in Microsoft's revenue growth strategy, the platform presents substantial potential for attractive investment returns in the near future.

    Microsoft's Office products are a key growth driver as the company has a large installed base of customers, and it continues to innovate and add new features to its products. One of the key growth drivers for Microsoft's Office products is the upgrade of enterprises to higher SKUs. The company offers a variety of SKUs, with different features and prices. The higher SKUs, such as Microsoft 365 E5, offer more features and are priced higher.

    Currently, only ~12% to 15% of existing customers are on the Microsoft 365 E5 plan. This means that there is a significant opportunity for Microsoft to upsell its customers to higher SKUs. The company has a large installed base of customers, and many of these customers are likely to be interested in upgrading to higher SKUs. Another growth driver for Microsoft's Office products is the introduction of new features such as Microsoft 365 Copilot. Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool that helps users write emails, create presentations, and more. The tool is still in beta, but it can potentially be a major growth driver for Microsoft. Microsoft 365 Copilot is priced at an additional $30 per month. This is a high price, and it may limit significant revenue gains in the first year. However, the unique capabilities and value proposition of Microsoft 365 Copilot could contribute to incremental revenue growth in the future.

    SUQIAN, CHINA - JUNE 3, 2023 - Illustration: Office AI, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, China, June ... [+] 3, 2023. Microsoft charges 40% more for testing Office AI functions, and more than 600 major customers, including Bank of America and Wal-Mart, participate. (Photo credit should read CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

    Future Publishing via Getty Images Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot at Attractive Pricing

    On July 18, 2023, MSFT announced it will initially launch Microsoft 365 Copilot as an add-on of ~$30 per user per month across four Commercial licenses (Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium) customers. Unlike other generative AI applications that focus on a single capability, such as real-time transcription or copywriting, Microsoft 365 Copilot boasts a vast array of thousands of skills at your disposal. By leveraging business data from your documents, emails, calendar, chats, meetings, and contacts, and incorporating your current working context, such as the ongoing meeting, past email exchanges on a topic, or previous chats, Copilot provides responses to your questions that are more comprehensive, relevant, and actionable. Moreover, the true strength of Microsoft 365 Copilot lies in its seamless integration with the apps that millions of people use daily. This integration empowers Copilot to enhance your creativity in Word, analyze data in Excel, design presentations in PowerPoint, manage your Outlook inbox efficiently, summarize Teams meetings, and perform a multitude of other valuable tasks. With such versatile capabilities, Microsoft 365 Copilot is set to become an indispensable asset in maximizing productivity and efficiency across various Microsoft 365 applications.

    Here at The Edge they maintain a strong belief in MSFT's extensive growth prospects both in the medium-term and beyond, which they believe are more substantial than commonly perceived, particularly with significant potential for Generative AI monetization. There is huge hidden value in AI yet to be exploited.

    As of June 30, 2023, Microsoft boasts of 67 million Office 365 subscribers, reflecting a noteworthy CAGR of 14.4% between FY2020 and FY2023. With such impressive growth, they anticipate a further surge, projecting 78.5 million subscribers by 2025. Microsoft 365 Copilot's pricing at $30 per user per month is compelling, and they foresee achieving at least a 40% attach rate, suggesting significant revenue potential. By the end of FY25, the revenue from Microsoft 365 Copilot could add an additional $14 billion.

    UKRAINE - 2023/03/17: In this photo illustration, a Microsoft 365 Copilot logo is seen on a ... [+] smartphone screen. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

    SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

    AI is generating significant excitement in the market as customers are showing a remarkable interest in AI-related solutions and are actively seeking ways to enhance productivity and efficiency within their organizations. Despite this strong interest, many remain cautious about the direct near-term financial impact of these solutions on their practices, mainly since many projects are still in the experimental or early stages. However, they anticipate that, over time, AI solutions will become a substantial revenue driver for Azure. The compute intensity required by many AI applications will contribute to this growth. Nonetheless, they are not expecting a significant impact from these solutions until later in 2023, but more substantial effects are likely to be seen in 2024. As the AI landscape matures and applications become more refined, the true potential of AI will unfold and prove its significance in the industry.

    We recognize that the current excitement and hype surrounding AI are substantial, but several important factors need to fall into place before they can fully realize the potential of disruptive innovation. In the near term, they anticipate that there might be a need for increased upfront investment in generative AI, which may not yield immediate revenue contributions. However, despite this short-term outlook, they maintain their confidence in the long-term prospects of AI. They firmly believe that AI will eventually play a pivotal role in driving sustainable double-digit earnings and FCF growth in the future. Based on this conviction, they remain committed to their long-term investment strategy in the MSFT with AI space. They understand that the journey toward AI's full potential may take time, but they are willing to stay the course as they see the transformative impact AI can have on businesses and industries in the coming years.

    We have valued Microsoft by applying a 35x FY2024-25 EV/FCF multiple (aligning with the historical average of 35x over six years) to their FY2024-25 adjusted FCF forecast of $81.9 billion. They reach their 35x valuation multiple based on their view that MSF should continue to command this multiple in a base case. They also believe that there is a potential revenue boost from converting Office 365 subscribers to upgraded Copilot. Their Base case target price from the August 14th close of $324 is $394.74, implying an upside of 21.8%, and the Bull case target price of $451.08, implying an upside of 39.2%. This is just short term math. Longer term is substantially higher as things fall into place.

    The journey towards AI's full potential may take time, but those who are willing to stay the course will reap the huge rewards from the AI future, as they see the transformative impact AI will have on businesses and industries in the coming years.

    Should you wish to know more about The Edge and their analysis of Spinoffs and fundamental special situations, please drop us an email at

    The Edge’s senior analyst Sudhir Kuvadia with the assistance of Luke Zeepvat helped with compiling the analysis. The author of this article is a holder of Microsoft shares.

    Ally Bank's foray into generative AI: 'We don't want to stand still'

    Sathish Muthukrishnan, the chief information, data and digital officer at Ally Bank.

    "[Generative AI] has the potential to unleash productivity for us," said Sathish Muthukrishnan, the chief information, data and digital officer at Ally Bank (pictured at Ally's Technology Partner Awards).

    Ally Financial dove headfirst into generative artificial intelligence after ChatGPT made its splash at the end of 2022.

    The Detroit bank formed a working group around generative AI in early 2023. It met with both Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle in February and hashed out a contract with Microsoft to use its enterprise-grade generative AI software in April. The team started building, a proprietary cloud-based platform that developers will use for AI-related projects, in June, and launched a pilot for its first use case at the end of that month. The pilot moved to production on July 31. 

    "We do not want to stand still," said Sathish Muthukrishnan, the chief information, data and digital officer at Ally Bank. is a bridge between external large language models (Microsoft's GPT 3.5 right now; perhaps other large language models in the future), generative AI technology, Ally's internal applications and data, its data security protections and — for now — human intervention. Ally's early work demonstrates how a $197 billion-asset bank is handling risks such as hallucinations and protecting customer information. It's also showing promise, with high approval ratings from the contact center agents that are part of Ally's first use case.

    Ian Watson, head of risk at Celent, finds banks are generally doing three things right now relating to generative AI.

    One is cleaning up their data foundations and pulling bank data out of its siloes. Another is choosing which large language models they want to use, from the big names such as Microsoft and Google to smaller open-source models that Watson says have much of the functionality of the big ones but can be trained on less data. The third is experimenting with use cases.

    "That is the part that most captures the imagination and paints a picture of what is possible," he said. "It's where a lot of people are focused in terms of getting funding for this or to show they are on the cutting edge. But the bulk of the investment is going into data foundations."

    Ally's first use case focuses on the contact center. Normally, contact center agents take notes when speaking with a customer and summarize the contents of the call when it's over. This is necessary for regulatory reasons, as well as ensuring good customer service. Ally piloted a system in June and July where AI technology transcribes the conversation in real time to the platform and creates a summary of the call. One goal is to relieve the agents of multitasking and let them be more present in the conversation.

    "This has the potential to unleash productivity for us," said Muthukrishnan.

    For now, agents will manually review these summaries to ensure everything is accurate. The system is showing promise so far: When the pilot began in late June, the rate of agents approving their summaries with no changes was in the low teens. By the time the pilot wrapped up at the end of July, the approval rate was 78%. Now, it's fully deployed to more than 700 agents.

    Human intervention is still important as Ally refines its models. It's also one of three principles that Ally adopted before using generative AI. The others are to learn and test on internal customers (employees) before deploying to external customers, and to keep personally identifiable information strictly within Ally firewalls.

    These precautions are vital.

    Celent groups the risks surrounding generative AI into two buckets. One is adverse outcomes, such as bias, hallucination and false output. The other is external threats, such as regulatory violations and cybersecurity.

    "There is a real danger of the models developing complete falsehoods," said Watson.

    The team at Ally observed hallucinations when calls took less than one minute or the line was fuzzy, and had to refine prompts to prevent this from recurring. Other security measures include a secure pipeline between the bank and Microsoft and a dedicated GPT 3.5 model. Ally does not let PII leave its firewalls or let the foundational models learn from Ally data. Ally's model will "forget" personal data after a session with a customer associate is over. The team conducts tests and evaluations to guard for model "drift" and bias creeping in.

    Despite the risks of generative AI, "The most obvious risk is actually not using it," said Watson. "We think it's going to change business models and the competitive playing field," from reducing drudge work and employee turnover to customizing marketing materials.

    Ally is evaluating other potential use cases, such as writing user stories for software features and answering basic questions about human resources benefits.

    Further down the road, it could develop use cases for customers.

    "This will give us the ability to truly understand customer needs and wants, and to personalize experiences that fit their financial needs at the right time," said Muthukrishnan.

    The debut of dovetails with its transition to the cloud. More than two-thirds of Ally applications are now cloud-enabled.

    "AI by itself requires a massive amount of compute," or processing power, memory and storage, said Muthukrishnan. "If you want horizontal scaling and infrastructure on demand, you want your applications running on the cloud."

    Microsoft to explore digital payments and CBDC’s

    Aptos Labs, a layer 1 blockchain started by former Facebook employees, is integrating Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) artificial intelligence (AI) technology to serve users and developers.

    In order to roll out new offerings that combine AI and blockchain, Aptos is utilizing Microsoft’s infrastructure. One such offering is a chatbot called Aptos Assistant, which will answer user questions about the Aptos ecosystem and provide useful resources to developers working on smart contracts and dApps. 

    In addition, both companies have reached an agreement to investigate blockchain-based financial service solutions, such as the tokenization of assets, various payment methods, and central bank digital currencies (CBDC), with the goal of expanding the applications of blockchain technology, as per a press release published on August 9.

    In order to further strengthen the protection of its network, Aptos will make use of Microsoft Azure to host its validator nodes.

    In the most accurate few months, blockchains of all shapes and sizes have been racing to implement AI technology in response to the meteoric rise in popularity of applications like ChatGPT.

    Since venture investors have shifted some of the attention that was previously focused on cryptocurrency businesses to artificial intelligence, the incorporation of AI has become an essential component of both funding and the pursuit of technical talent.

    “Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies are quickly converging for one important reason: they are both generational breakthroughs that profoundly impact the evolution of the internet and shape society,” said Mo Shaikh, CEO of Aptos Labs.

    The developers working behind Aptos Labs have found solutions to some of the most difficult challenges in blockchain technology at an enormous scale while maintaining a high level of security. This alliance highlights the joint commitment to decentralization that Microsoft and Aptos have made to decentralization.


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